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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will reshape your reality and elevate your success to unprecedented heights? Dive into our cutting-edge online training course and discover the secrets to creating an active and engaging Facebook group community like never before.

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A vibrant community where your influence grows, connections flourish, and opportunities abound. Our carefully crafted training program goes beyond the ordinary, tapping into the very essence of Creating A Facebook Group Community to ignite your senses and propel you towards unmatched success.

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In the blink of an eye, witness your understanding of community-building expand and evolve. Time will warp as you absorb invaluable insights, seamlessly integrating them into your community-building practise. Every moment spent in our online training becomes a timeless investment in your future success.

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Feel the rhythm of our expertly designed modules syncing with your pace, guiding you effortlessly through the intricacies of group dynamics. As you absorb the knowledge, you'll naturally lead others towards collaboration and engagement, effortlessly becoming the driving force of a thriving online community.

Sensory Excitement

Engage all your senses in this immersive learning experience. See the vivid imagery of successful community-building strategies, hear the resounding success stories, feel the palpable energy of a thriving group, and even taste the sweet satisfaction of achieving your goals. This multisensory approach ensures lasting impressions and profound results.

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Facebook Group Set Up Tutorial Modules:

The Duration of Videos:

Adding new members          4min 16s
Settings advanced                 9min 34s
Group vs page                        9min 20s
Latest updates                       3min 46s
Opening up a group              8min 09s
Posting, files and events       1min 28s  
Setting up questions             7min 11s     
Create A Facebook Group

About Your Host

Claire Perry-Louise

Community Builder, Entrepreneur & Community Management Consultant

Claire is a purpose-driven Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker and has been consulting in the culture and community space since 2013. She has been recognized by Facebook as an elite leader in the community and was invited to meet with other elite community leaders at an event arranged by Facebook.

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