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Module 1 - Keyword Research

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Google Ads Course Contents 

Part #1 Keyword Research

In this video you will learn what is Google Ads and what are the benefits of it. How to create an Ads account and how to do keyword research. You will benefit from the insights of this successful Google Ads Consultant.

Part #2 Setting Up a Campaign

This video teaches what to do after mining keywords. It also shows what type of ad networks there are available and what type of ads you can use. In addition, the trainer teaches how to set up your first campaign and what kind is the campaign structure.

Part #3 Optimising Quality Score

This video lesson shows you how the Google ad auction works. In addition, it highlights the importance of quality score of an ad and how to optimise it. The trainer shows how to create a good ad copy and how to test it. There are also three strategies you can have.

Part #4 Adwords for Profit

This video lesson firstly reviews Google Ads dashboard. Then it shows how to utilise the Google Ads for profit. How to get Google Ads done for you, how to choose a campaign manager and how to pay for Google Ads. Finally there is a recap and quiz.

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Full Course Contents

Here is the break-down of the full contents of this exclusive video training:

  • About The Trainer
  • Why PPC and Why Google?
  • How to Create Google Ads Account
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Types and Networks
  • Setting Up Your 1st Campaign
  • Google Policy
  • The Ad Auction
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Different Strategies
  • Campaign Management
  • How to Run Google Ads for a Profit
  • Getting Google Adwords Done for You
  • Recap