I have succeeded in creating and publishing a new Kindle book on Amazon. It’s called “Prime Guide For How To Become An Influencer – Discover 12 Ways How You Can Develop An Influencer Status For Free”.

This is my first Kindle ebook. Naturally, it required some work and time when I had to familiarize myself with different ebook creation and formatting tools.

In the beginning I found some free tools like Calibre and Sigil but they required the use of HTML. I am only partly familiar with the coding language and more demanding structures are not for me. So I decided to abandon the both tools.

Then there are many other tools available such as Adobe InDesign and Designrr but you have to pay for them. I was seeking an easy and simple solution for creating this ebook on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

What is Kindle ebook format then? Today this platform accepts different kind of file formats for ebook manuscripts. The most commonly used formats are these:

  1. Microsoft Word (DOC/DOCX)
  2. Kindle Package Format (KPF)
  3. EPUB
  4. MOBI

In addition, KDP accepts some other file formats such as the following:

  1. HTML (ZIP, HTM, or HTML)
  2. Rich Text Format (RTF)
  3. Plain Text (TXT)
  4. Adobe PDF (PDF), PDF files are supported only with limited number of languages.

Then at some point of time when I was a bit frustrated and wasn’t certain, if I can create a formatted ebook at all by myself. I thought OK, I like to outsource the whole thing. Then I turned to Fiverr where there are people who can format your ebook for KDP.

I contacted one seller at Fiverr who could do the task. However, we didn’t reach agreement as far as the price was concerned. Luckily I didn’t give this task for anyone, because I was able to control the quality and the end result i.e. how my ebook finally looks like.

Finally I decided to download Kindle Create. It’s a desktop application by which you can create and do formatting Kindle ebook for KDP. For example, you can import Word file in DOC, DOCX or RTF format into Kindle Create. After this the application saves the file as KCB format. Then you can convert the file into KPF format which Kindle Direct Publishing supports and import it into the platform.

After all, I am glad that I took the effort and did all the work by myself. By this way I learnt a new skill and everything was pretty easy and straightforward to do. Now I can create and self-publish a Kindle ebook Amazon by KDP.

Why Did I Create This Kindle Book On Amazon 

One of the reasons why I created this publication was the need to provide a guide for people who are established or aspiring entrepreneurs. I am established one myself, so this guide works as a guideline for me – I have to take action and do the same tasks too.

In addition, you have to take action and be prepared to work continuously and long hours especially in the beginning. Life is not necessarily easy and this holds true very well as far as a starting entrepreneur is concerned.

On the contrary, you can do nothing, stay in bed or lie on the beach and think life is really easy. Usually this kind of thinking leads to misery – unless your are already wealthy. However, these wealthy entrepreneurs have experienced their learning curves and worked long hours in the beginning of their entrepreneurial journeys.

So this Kindle book on Amazon: “Prime Guide For How To Become An Influencer – Discover 12 Ways How You Can Develop An Influencer Status For Free” is meant for people who like to take action and earn living by legal means.

What do these words “earn living by legal means” then mean? They signify that you have to register your business at a local companies registration office. When you are starting out, the cheapest and the easiest way to go is to register just a business name. You can register a different company form later, after you are convinced the viability of your endeavour.

How This Guide Helps You

I have written this guide for people who already have established their small business and for people who are planning to start their own enterprise.

As the title of this Kindle eBook tells “Prime Guide For How To Become An Influencer – Discover 12 Ways How You Can Develop An Influencer Status For Free”, is a guide for an entrepreneur who likes to start or develop his/her authority and influencer status and thus business.

This no-nonsense guide presents 12 different ways you can take action. The majority of the means are online methods, in other words, they can be done by using the internet. There are both free and paid ways to develop your influencer status. It just depends on what methods you decide to implement. You can choose the ones that suit your budget.

For example, when you have a website and/or blog, it is important to develop the authority status of it. This means creating and sharing content as well as creating backlinks to your website. All these actions improve Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) of your website.

These both metrics describe search engine ranking score of your web page and domain. The higher they are, the more visible your website and/or blog is on the internet. This in turn means that your website gets more traffic through Google search.

New Kindle Book On Amazon Published

Prime Guide For How To Become An Influencer: Discover 12 Ways How You Can Develop An Influencer Status For Free.

Download your copy below.

Kindle Book On Amazon

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